About us

Indu Pharma Started with “Pittantak”, the medicine on Acidity with the aim in mind to provide quality medicine to the ayurvedic practitioners who are trying their best to provide better service to their patients. Indu Pharma started with from the rural area of Jejuri, with the motto of “Ayurvedic medicines with Ayurvedic Principles’’. Patients, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Medicine distributors and sellers every one accepted us and that provide us more enthusiasm. Eventually number of products, infrastructure also expanded. Within 10 years the company that started with one medicine is now producing around 250 medicines. With the support of 160 distributors we are reaching to the States Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, and Gujarat.

Medicines are manufactured in 12000 sq. feet area in well-equipped Jejuri industrial area. Every member of Indu Pharma family is putting efforts enthusiastically and management is channelizing them systematically to provide better quality. And hence we use pure “Cow Ghrit” for Phal or Triphala Ghrit that we are manufacturing at Indu Pharma. Similarly we use fresh “Kadunimbpatraswaras” extracted from kadunimb trees at our premises to prepare “Arogyavardhini”. Our product goes through the quality control lab throughout its life cycle, and therefore our tablets do not break in to jar but they definitely easily dissolve into stomach.

Indu Pharma is expanding day by day! With the help of capable, enthusiastic sale representative and distribution infrastructure Indu Pharma is establishing as brand from government, semi- government hospitals to charitable hospitals and from Mumbai to Gadchiroli to other states. We are publishing tri-monthly magazine “Shatpadi” in attractive format for the promotion of of ayurveda. Peoples are sharing their experience in the practice, other experience in medical field and that is the reason ‘Shatpadi‘ is popular in Ayurvedacharya. With the base of different activities and different entities involved in the activities, Indu Pharma evolving as a big family. We hope that we will get more opportunity to provide better service to patient with medium of Ayurvedica Medicine and we are sure that with your help we will evolve more and more and getting better and better.