About us

Dr. Ramdas S. Kute
Managing Director,
Inducare Pharma Pvt Ltd

Inducare Pharma Pvt Ltd,
The Fastest Growing Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Company
Welcomes You All!

Ten years back we introduced one product Pittantak, an Ayurvedic medicine using basic principles of Ayurved through Indu Pharma from a small town of Pune, India. with 10 years of successful journey for 'Healthy life for Universe' Inducare Pharma reached not only all over India but we have our Quality products in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia and other CIS countries, Mauritius and in some part of Africa. We are exporting our quality products in these countries and the list is increasing day by day.

We are not only selling products but working to promote Ayurved for healthy life of universe through -

  • Independent Manufacturing Unit with GMP and ISO certification.
  • The manufacturing unit is supported by Research and Development unit situated nearby
  • Trials and study of our products is continuously conducted in our Shatayu Hospital and Ayurvedic Research Centre. The Hospital is dedicated for patient care and research purpose with support of large number of patients
  • Manufacturing Veterinary Products to fill the gaps of emerging veterinary market
  • Taking responsibility of publications like 'Ayurved Vichar' for promotion of Ayurved has been done effectively.

These activities are conducted effectively and successfully only because of support given by 'Inducare Team' comprised workers, Marketing experts and Ayurved graduates working in different departments of 'Inducare Group'. We about 150 people are continuously engaged for better and innovative products. Due to quality, Safety and efficacy we are supplying our products to each and every concern department like private practitioners, government, academic, charitable institutions. We are also expanded our area of business for proprietary Ayurvedic medicines, classical medicines, Herbal cosmetics, Nutraceuticals and herbal medicinal plant extracts. We welcome contract manufacturing or loan licensing for new entrepreneurs, importers and exporters. We welcome inquiries for customized product development and manufacturing as our aim is to work for 'Healthy Life for Universe'.